Hillside Project

Project Overview

  • Exploration has historically focused around the Shaw River, Smiths bore and Coondina Ta-Sn-Li fields where alluvial mining occurred.
  • Mitre’s Hillside Project geology fits the regional model of the Moolyella field;
  • Comprised of a series of early and late granites 
  • Relict greenstone belt marking the granite contacts
  • Preliminary field work undertaken by BellPark Minerals* has identified multiple late stage pegmatite occurrences and co-incidental anomalism
  • Proximal to Mitres project (12km West) these are associated with high grade Sn-Ta mineralisation at Coondina. This field was historically mined with workings up to 2.5km in strike
  • These pegmatites represent the initial high priority targets for follow-up 

* See announcement dated 23/11/2022 – MMC to acquire Prospective Lithium Tenements & placement