Bateman Project

Project Overview

  • The Bateman project area contains over 138km2 of tenure and represents the northern extension to the highly prospective Moruya Goldfields
  • The belt represents the ideal extensional setting to host Reduced Intrusion related gold systems (RIRG’s);
  • Right rock types and ages
  • Right structural setting
  • Presence of sheeted vein networks 
  • Presence of key indicator elements
  • Associated with RIRG’s, you will also find proximal;
  • Economic Pb-Zn-Ag veins/skarn mineralisation
  • Au-As-Sb veining 
  • Preliminary XRF field work also shows REE enrichment associated with the weathered granite margins with results up to ~0.3% TREO*
  • A detailed follow-up field program is required to validate the results

* TREO results based on PXRF analysis of La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Y only due to limited analysis capability of XRF units